Cool theory: Toy Story 3 a fable for our current political climate?


David Harsanyi at breaks down the plot from Toy Story 3 and it certainly does sound a wee bit familiar:

Think about it. A slick sloganeering teddy bear convinces a gaggle of beleaguered toys that he holds the key to a brighter future. The toys, longing for leadership after years of broken promises and incompetence, uncritically submit to the teddy bears vision.

Before long, even non-Ivy Leaguers like Mr. Potato Head, Rex, and Slinky catch on. All creeds of plaything are forced to sacrifice liberty and happiness for the collective good—as imagined by a technocratic leader, his feckless vice-leader (a Ken doll), and their muscle (a giant baby doll).

First there is concern and then anger and then revolt. Even Barbie—having shown no interest in political activism for more than 50 years—unleashes the best line in the history of animated films: “Authority should derive from the consent of the governed, not from the threat of force!”

Sacrificing “liberty and happiness for the collective good” has been the hidden foundation of the Obama agenda ever since he slipped up with the wealth redistribution comment to Joe the Plumber. The focus on the “collective good” and being our brothers keepers has been the common denominator in everything from healthcare and financial reform to the mortgage bailouts. Punishing success and rewarding failure has been the subliminal theme in just about everything this administration has done.

And, come to think of it, the “consent of the governed” has been noticeably absent in the majority of President Obama’s moves throughout his first 18 months as POTUS, as he has been successful in pushing unpopular legislation down the throats of an unwilling electorate.

We currently live in an age where the government knows what’s best for all us apparently, no matter how much us drooling idiots may disagree and yeah, Toy Story 3 does a pretty good job of subconsciously putting that fact out there.…