Eric Holder: Chief Coward in that “nation of cowards” he speaks of


The U.S. Department of Justice is planning an independent review of the Johannes Mehserle case in Oakland in order to determine whether or not the shooting warrants federal prosecution, even though the state has already found the police officer guilty of involuntary manslaughter. This is the case where the officer claimed he reached for his Taser and instead, mistakenly grabbed his gun and shot the guy dead.

Terrible situation, no doubt, but Ace raises a good point:

I suppose if the case is merely “reviewed,” and then the Justice Department finds that the shooting was just as the jury called it, this could have some positive effect: ameliorating current passions while not doing much to cause additional injustice.

Still, I cant help but note that the “facts and evidence” did not support any sort of case against the guilty-as-sin New Black Panthers, but here weve got a white guy, found guilty of a serious crime (involuntary manslaughter), and Eric Holder needs a look-see at this case.

A nation of cowards, eh? You know, one misstep I never thought the Obama Administration would make was a determination to insert itself into high-profile racially-charged situations (and to pander to his community activist sort of radical buddies). I just thought he was smarter than that.

But race is like catnip to these guys. They cant help themselves.

I’m no legal scholar, but if Holder pursues the case – again – wouldn’t that in effect be an example of double jeopardy? I’m guessing some sort of loophole between state and federal prosecution exists, but still, the guy was convicted of involuntary manslaughter at the state level. And wouldn’t one think that the Attorney General had more pressing matters to pursue than a review of a case that has already convicted someone of a crime?

Regardless, the hypocrisy is apocalyptic in nature and is, without a doubt, entirely based on race. Eric Holder is the face of a Justice Department overcome with an uber-liberal and racist tone, and the man has evolved into a complete embarrassment to the department he leads.

Eric Holder needs to resign. Pronto.

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