74% of Americans believe the Obama stimulus either damaged the economy or had no effect at all

Smart people, those Americans. It seems as if they’re not buying the complete bullshit rhetoric coming out of Washington that the economy is heading in the right direction and that the stimulus worked economic wonders. Near 10% unemployment, record deficits, and a $13,000,000,000,000 national debt will tend to do that, but I digress.

Anyway, a new poll released today at CBS shows Americans dont really believe that spending close to a $trillion on repaving roads that didn’t need to be repaved worked all the economic magic theyve been told:

Twenty-three percent say the stimulus package made the economy better – down from 32 percent in April and 36 percent last September. Eighteen percent say the stimulus package damaged the economy, while 56 percent say it had no effect.

The presidents job approval rating on the economy now stands at 40 percent – a drop of five points from last month. Fifty-four percent disapprove of his handling of the issue.

And the overall mood on the economy as a whole is in the gutter:

Most also say President Obama has spent too little time on the economy, which Americans cite as the countrys most important problem by a wide margin.

Three in four Americans now say the effects of the recession will last another two years or more. More than eight in 10 say the condition of the economy is bad, up five points from last month.

Just 25 percent of Americans say the economy is getting better – down from 41 percent in April. About half say it is staying the same, and the remaining quarter say it is getting worse.

So, it appears as if real-life economic misery has trumped the deceptive, misleading, and often blatantly untrue words of economic joy from Team Obama.

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